KAWATA started business in 1935, and entered the plastic molding processing field, taking the lead of other companies.

As a “Specialist of Labor-saving Equipment in Molding Plants”, we have provided high quality “Only One” products which match customer needs with the advanced technology. Plastic products which have enriched our lives more have made rapid progress as information technology (IT) develops.

KAWATA has worked toward manufacturing and marketing our products along with the tide.

In recent years, we have provided products and service in a wide range of the business fields such as automobile and molding processing of the most advanced parts which are the core of liquid crystal and plasma displays, and cellular phones. How can we make user-friendly products in the high-perfor-mance mold processing, save labor in manufacturing processes, eliminate waste of process material, and reduce the effect on the environment? In order to achieve our philosophy since the establishment, KAWATA Group will devote itself to making each product with its whole heart, sincerely address many challenges, and continue to offer new ideas with continuous development of technology and never-ending efforts of passionate employees across the world.

We believe that all the employees in KAWATA Group keep on creating value for customers, suppliers, and society through development, manufacturing, sales, and service in the future.

Company Profile

President Hidenori Shirai
Establishment September 10, 1935
Capital 977,142,640 JPY (As of 31st March, 2016)
Shareholders Kawata Kyoshin Kai, Employee Stock Ownership Plan., The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., Others
Net Sales Non-consolidated :8,916 million JPY(FY2016)
Consolidated :17,534 million JPY(FY2016)
Business line Design and manufacturing of powder and grain processing equipment and systems
No. of Employees 234 (Consolidated basis: 788)
Banks The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., Resona Bank Ltd., Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Corp.
Professional Associations The Osaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Osaka Prefectural Manufacturing & Industrial Association, Osaka Industrial Research Association, Japan Plastics Machinery Association, Plastics Technology Association, Japan Society of Polymer Processing, The Japan Society of Plastics Technology, East/West/Central Japan Plastic Products Industrial Association, The Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering

Company History

1935 Sep KAWATA MANUFACTURING established by Masateru Kawata in Osaka, and started designing and manufacturing the machinery and metal molds for manufacturing rubber goods.
1949 Mar Started designing and manufacturing plastics processing machinery.
1951 Jul KAWATA MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. incorporated and Masateru Kawata appointed as president (capital \250,000).
  Oct Developed an extruder and simultaneously developed extrusion-related equipment for manufacturing pipes, corrugated sheets, sheets, etc.
1959 Sep Established Bainan Plant at Nishinari-ku in Osaka.
1962 Jun Started manufacturing high-speed mixers (SUPER MIXER).
  Oct Obtained utility model right for an automatic loader (AUTO LOADER) and went into full commercial production.
1963 Mar Opened Tokyo Office at Taito-ku in Tokyo.
1968 May Established Sanda Plant in Hyogo
1970 Jan Technical cooperation with CONAIR INC. in the U.S. regarding automatic colorant measurement machine (AUTO COLOR).
1972 Oct Opened Nagoya Office in Nagoya.
1973 Mar Technical cooperation with Krauss Maffei in Germany on a plastics processing machine (SUPER GRUSH MIXER).
  Sep Technical cooperation with SOMOS GmbH in Germany regarding dehumidifying dryer (CHALLENGER).
1974 Jun Tokyo Office moved to Adachi-ku in Tokyo.
1975 Jan Head Office moved to Awaza at Nishi-ku in Osaka.
1980 Jan Masateru Kawata appointed as chairman and Teruhiro Kawata as president.
  Aug Technical cooperation with TOYO INK MFG. CO., LTD. on a vibrating mixer (SUPER FLOATER).
1985 Mar Changed the company name to KAWATA MFG. CO., LTD.
1986 Mar Cooperated with AXIOMATICS(TREXEL INC.) in the U.S. and obtained the exclusive right to sell an automatic continuous moisture sensing system in Japan.
1987 Jan Obtained a patent for a dehumidifying dryer (CHALLENGER). (Patent No. 160783).
  May Established CONAIR KAWATA SALES & SERVICE CO. with CONAIR INC. to offer KAWATA and CONAIR products and service in the U.S.
  Jun Reinstated Chairman Masateru Kawata as president.
  Aug Re-exported the technology of a resin drying system for CD to CONAIR INC.
1988 May Tokyo plant moved to Kawaguchi, Saitama Pref. and the old plant closed.
  Sep Developed the world's first microwave continuous dryer (DRYTOP). Received a subsidy for new technology and development from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and an Industrial Technology Award.
1989 Jun Michinosuke Ota appointed as president.
  Jul Technical tie-up with AXIOMATICS(TREXEL INC.) in the U.S. on automatic continuous moisture sensing system(AXIOMETER).
  Sep Established KAWATA U.S.A. INC. in the U.S.
  Nov Established KAWATA MF Singapore PTE. LTD. (Renamed to KAWATA PACIFIC PTE. LTD. in May 1993).
1991 Dec Listed the stock on over-the-counter market on the Japan Securities Dealers Association.
1993 May Established KAWATA PACIFIC PTE.LTD. in Singapore.
  Sep Established KAWATA-ENGE MFG.SDN.BHD. in Malaysia.
  Dec Established KAWATA CONAIR INC. with Conair Inc.
1994 Jan Developed the world's first dehumidifying dryer,"CHALLENGER II", with ADS ceramic adopted as adsorbent.
1995 Mar Established KAWATA (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. in China.
  Apr Opened Guangzhou Office in China.
  Apr Technical tie-up with TOYOTA Motor Corp. & TOYO INK MFG.CO., LTD. on a gravimetric feeder (SYNCHRO AUTOCOLOR).
  Jul Started selling SYNCHRO AUTOCOLOR.
  Nov Obtained an exclusive right to sell extrusion molding control system from INOEX in Germany and started sales.
  Dec Rebuilt Sanda Plant and moved Osaka Plant to Sanda.
1996 Jan Integrated all activities of Osaka Plant into extended and improved Sand Plant.
  Apr Opened Representative office in the Philippines.
  Aug Established KAWATA (THAILAND) CO., LTD in Bangkok.
  Oct Developed the world's first Material loading/drying system for DVD production.
1998 Apr Obtained an exclusive right to sell granulators from RAPID in Sweden
  Oct Completed Shanghai Factory and started full-scale manufacturing of plastic processing machinery
1999 Apr Michinosuke Ota, President, won the Award of Director-General of the Science and Technology Agency
  May Obtained ISO9001 certification
  Jun Michinosuke Ota and Toshimasa Ota appointed as chairman and president, respectively.
  Sep Developed Environmental equipment "PET Recycle System" and displayed at "IPF99" (Tokyo).
  Nov Established KAWATA TECHNO SERVICE CO., LTD for full after-sales service.
2000 Mar Established Taiwan KAWATA CO., LTD in Taiwan.
  Apr Started production of MCF-RIM(Reactive Injection Molding).
  Aug Capital increase (to \973,670,000).
2001 Jan Completed construction of an automatic warehouse in Sanda Plant.
  Mar Opened sales offices in Shenzhen and Tianjin.
  Aug Completed construction of MCF development factory at Sanda Plant.
  Sep Started marketing the world's first MCF-RIM system.
  Dec Developed a waste plastic recycling system, SUPER ADDON MIXER.
2002 Feb Partnership with Haruna Co., Ltd. regarding an injection molding system for undried resins, ECOMAK.
  Mar Opened a demonstration test center for SUPER ADDON MIXER in Saitama.
  Sep Completed construction of the second Shanghai factory.
2003 Jan Established Kawata Machinery(HK) Limited in Hong Kong.
  Sep Developed MCF-extrusion system.
2004 Mar Opened Suzhou Office in China.
  Dec Listed on the JASDAQ exchange.
  Dec Cooperation with TOYOTA MOTOR CORP. on the mold technology for biodegradable plastics (polylactic acid resin).
2005 Apr Acquired all shares of ML Engineering Co. Ltd, making this company a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Oct Completed construction of the third Shanghai Factory.
2006 Jun Naoto Yukawa appointed as president.
2008 Feb Obtained "ISO14001", the international standard for environmental management.
  Mar Nagoya office moved to Osone Higashi-ku in Nagoya.
  Apr Opened an intellectual property development division to enhance intellectual property management.
  Nov Opened Chubu sales division to increase sales in central Japan.
2011 Apr Established PT. KAWATA Indonesia in Indonesia.
  May Merged Kawata Machinery Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (the surviving company) with Kawata (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  Oct Completed construction of the Indonesia Factory.
  Dec Organized Production Managment Div.
2012 Apr Acquired all shares of Reiken Inc. making this company a wholly-owned subsidiary.
2013 Jun Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Jun Appointed Hidenori Shirai as president.
  Jul Established REIKEN (THAILAND) CO., LTD in Bangkok.
2014 Jun Established PT.Kawata Marketing Indonesia in Republic of Indonesia.
2015 Sep Changed the number of shares per share unit from 1,000 shares to 100 shares.
Relocated Kawata Machinery Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to a new factory in Shanghai.
2016 Jun Transferred to a Company with an Audit and Supervisory Committee.